Hellooooo, Readers!

Hello, Dear Readers!

I love history, mysteries, and legends no matter what the origin. And since every location on the globe has its history, mysteries and legends must follow. After all, people make history, right?

I haven’t traveled super extensively, but I love exploring the spirits of places. Not necessarily ghostly spirits, but rather an essence. A feeling of place and time. Different locations can soothe me, energize me, and fascinate me.

My history geek-ness draws me to antiques and architecture. When I make road trips—short or long—I can’t pass an old, worn building without wondering about its owners and their stories over the years. I also long to see run-down structures restored.

I grew up in Sapulpa, Oklahoma when it was still a small. I learned of the city’s history early on, and of the Creek man who gave the town its name. I learned the legend of Moccasin Bluff, the supposed lover’s leap of an ill-fated couple. The bluffs were real, and very high, especially from the floor of the valley, and they weren’t that far from my home. The neighbor children and I played in those wooded hills and valley from dawn to dusk, making up all kinds of stories. Sapulpa didn’t have a town square, but did have a main drag. I loved going to our Sapulpa - Bartlett Carnegie Public Library. I still love Sapulpa—the friends who are there and the overall essence of the place.

The second town I fell in love with was Oceanside, California, and the name says it all. Oceanside gave me my first look at the Pacific, and I loved swimming and body surfing there. Fortunately I got to visit several times as a teen when my father did his two weeks of active duty in the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton. Oceanside was part of the mission system in California, and my mom was into that era. Several years ago, my daughter I and went to Oceanside for a short get-away. Being there swamped me with memories of my first teenage love. What gobsmacked me was finding the place where my family stayed in Oceanside. The name had changed, the color had changed, but the small courtyard hadn’t. I still visit Oceanside when I go out to see Darling Daughter, and I’m hoping to set a coming-of-middle-age story there. My homage to the city and my own personal history there.

When hubby and I decided to move out of the Dallas area, we chose St. Augustine, Florida. This was the third city that spoke loud and long to me. The rich history dates from 1565 when the city was founded. The architecture, the finds from archeological digs, and the cultures that thrived here feed my connection to the past. St. Augustine has a small-town feel and great creative vibe that consistently delights me. In spite of putting up with hurricanes!

Of course, the town ghosts are a bonus, and so are ocean and beaches on Anastasia Island!

Lilyvale, the fictional town in my Silver Six Crafting Mysteries, is based largely on Magnolia, Arkansas, and it holds a dear place in my heart, too. The town square is picturesque, the people are friendly, and I love spending time there when I can. My father was from northwest Arkansas, and I love honoring my link to him through Magnolia.

Does the history of your city or town fascinate you? Do you know its lore and legends? Its mysteries and ghosts? If where you live right now doesn’t engage you, perhaps it’s a place you’ve vacationed. Being inspired by, soothed by, and energized by a place is a gift. I hope you’re able to give that to yourself !soon

Happy Reading!


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