“New” Genre, New Look!

Hello, Dear Readers!

If you’ve seen me around for a while, you know that my first trilogy is a vampire mystery-romance series – my Gidget with fangs books. They aren’t true cozy mysteries, but they did feature Cesca as an amateur sleuth solving cases with her love-interest, Saber. Amateur sleuths are usually a key element of a cozy, so I was halfway there!
My Silver Six Crafting Mystery books were born from a funny thing happened to me in Magnolia, Arkansas when I stopped there en route from Oklahoma to Florida. The upshot was these books could only be full-on cozies, and I ran with the concept.

Why Arkansas? Easy. My dad’s family originally hailed from Arkansas – Fort Smith, to be exact. In addition, a dear friend of my parents was raised in Magnolia, and I always loved her, her family, and her lovely drawl.

My fictional town of Lilyvale is very much based on Magnolia’s town square, although other aspects of the layout vary. I’m blessed that the citizens of Magnolia embraced me so warmly and have made doing research long-distance such a joy. Of course, I’ve visited in person several times, and hope to return again and again. In fact, I’m toying with another series idea set on the outskirts of town!

Courthouse Entrance shaded by magnificent magnolia trees Columbia County Courthouse, Center of the Magnolia Town Square

What else is new in my writing life? I’m working on several other series ideas, including one to be set in the northeast part of Oklahoma where I grew up – Sapulpa and Tulsa. I had to share a few pix with you, including the water (and dish) tower, a slice of downtown, and the house I lived in until we moved to Tulsa.

Sapulpa Water Tower
Sapulpa Downtown View 1501 E McKinley (2012)

I’m also writing a series to be set back in St. Augustine, home of my vampire books. It is a paranormal cozy with ghosts, and I’ll add more information as I have it. I’ll especially be releasing tidbits in my e-newsletter and my Facebook page, so please subscribe and/ or like my page.

Here’s a little-known fact about me. I love antique and classic cars and trucks! There’s an old roadster in town, and I give myself whiplash every time I spot it! My parents liked cars, too, and so does Darling Daughter. Here are two pix taken in Key West a few years ago when Mom and Daughter spotted a car show. She’s with the truck.

Key West Car Key West Green Truck with Leighanne

Hope I’ve given you a few smiles, and I hope you’ll cruise back again for more tidbits and pix!


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